Executive Summary

Cellular Intelligence is traditionally gathered by tactical ground forces having to engage targets from a relatively close range in various operational scenarios. Such operations pose a significant risk to the operational team, especially in hostile dense environments.


The Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) drone system is a lightweight tactical Cellular Intelligence solution. The solution delivers a new dimension of intelligence collection by providing, fast and covert intelligence gathering over various areas of interest while overcoming ground intelligence collection constraints of inaccessible areas and LOS limitations.


The Airborne Cellular Intelligence payload is used for remote detection, identification, and location of cellular targets in the Military, Paramilitary & Home Land Security (HLS) domains, over diverse environments: rural, semi-rural, semi-urban and urban environments in the following Scenarios:


• Covert Intelligence acquisition – in hostile Area of Interest

• Identify mapping over an AOI – over diverse areas: rural, semi-urban and urban environments

• Target based intelligence gathering

• Natural disaster / Search & Rescue operations – Detection and location extraction of survivors/missing persons cell phones


The solution includes the following components:

1) Matrice 600 Aerial Vehicle

2) Matrice 600 Remote Controller

3) IMSI DRONE Airborne Cellular Intelligence Payload

4) Intelligence Payload Control Unit

5) Bi-Directional Data Link