Executive Summary

The VDF solution is the latest innovation in Direction Finding technology.

Working with an active system, it uses specifically engineered antennas and a custom

algorithm to lock onto the signal of a target’s cellphone.

The position of the target is displayed on a real-time video feed.


The unique, breakthrough application not only displays the target’s direction and

movement, but also displays vertical axis vectors.

The vertical scan allows the operator to view the position of the target in a building or

another elevated location.


The system can be customized to various user specifications.

Its versatility, easytouse interface and intuitively quick operating procedures makes it valuable in

different scenarios and applications. It can be used for tracking targets,

securing events, controlling venues and many more situations.


The visual tracking system represents the highest advancement of tracking

and positioning technologies. It enables its users to view the physical location

of a target’s cellphone.


Using the vertical and horizontal vectors of the antenna and advanced video image

techniques, the system tracks mobile targets automatically in real-time, displaying

the X axis (horizontal) and Y axis (vertical) position of the targeted cellphone.